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Plans on activities in 1995

Plans on activities in 1995

PLANS 1995

The constant development of the Laboratorio Culturale which involves considerable effort from our collaborators, has affirmed itself largely due to the support of the Regione Veneto,and also through socio-cultural youth exchanges. Without this support we would certainly not have obtained the international recognition from UNESCO which places great value on CLACs Laboratorio Culturale.

In defining our projects we thus feel the need to give increasing importance to the role of cultural mediation with other countries. However it was not until December 94 that we finally saw in one of the documents of the Council Administration that they have finally acknowledged the actual situation and have in some way reduced the financial burden imposed on us for the occupation of the spaces which are necessary for us to be able to carry on our activities - this is not to say, however , that the situation has not remained considerably difficult.

The contrast between the projects proposed in our plans for 94 and what we actually managed to carry out shows that although we managed to develop the international role of the Laboratorio, this was at the expense of other activities which we have had to put off to 1995, hoping that we will not be further penalized for occupying essential spaces.

In 1995 we will be participating at the World Congress of FMACU - UNESCO in Romania in honour of the 50th anniversary of UNESCO. CLAC and Club UNESCO Padova have taken on the role of International Secretariat of a project on cultural heritage. Our job involves preparing reports on projects included on the list of Friends of the Treasures of the World, defining their future development and establishing a support network.

Another field in which CLAC will be involved is the network of Young Ecologists of the Mediterranean for whom we function as relay for the upper Adriatic. This involves participating at meetings or congresses, hosting experts and exchanging documentation.

We plan to continue our usual activity of youth exchanges in collaboration with the Regione Veneto and the EEC Youth for Europe programme.

We see the necessity for inclusion on the Internet which may be obtained with the help of university contacts.

We also predict developments in the activity of the Computer Museum and the collection of scientific instruments. The importance of this activity has already been recognised by the university and the material collected will be made available to school teachers and pupils( for specific lessons). This year we will have to catalogue the material so that it can be included in UNESCOs ICOM network.

Money and work will have to be invested in making some of the buildings in the ex-abattoir complex usable. We hope that we can count on the Centro Professionale Edile (Construction School) of Camin who already have a school-building site in the complex.

The Didactic Parks activity with school groups has become well-established. We hope to increase the number of lessons in the park and courses for teachers, as well as the development of such areas on school grounds which we have now been involved in for several years.

Following the research on flora carried out in 94 we are planning a publication which documents the botany of the area and will prove an essential aid to the lessons on the environment.

We shall continue to give support and space to the associations/clubs linked to us and also in general.

Fortunately the other FWT project, the mines of Val Imperina has almost entirely been taken over by Club UNESCO of Agordino, and so will not be such a burden on CLAC. We hope this year to publish the recently completed historico-anthropological research on the miners of the Val Imperina.

The development of the Library on the Environment and Culture of the Veneto area and the International Childrens Library will be closely followed and we hope to find a more suitable space for the latter.

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