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Plans on activities in 1996

Plans on activities in 1996

PLANS 1996

Padova 6 March 1996

Unfortunately its not always possible for all of our projects to be carried out as planned - as you can see if you compare our plans for 95 with the final report, so clearly many of the projects have been reproposed for 96. We have to extend many of our basic plans for 1995 to 1996. As can be seen if the plans for 95 are compared with the report on activity for 96, a series of important projects have not yet been carried out.

CLAC has many new possibilities for development, rising in particular from the collaboration with the Council of Europe and ICCROM, but we will also have to work hard to keep up the standards which won us this European recognition. The City beneath the City project will continue after the competition closes with the creation of an international network concerned with education towards the conservation of cultural heritage. Another important appointment for 96 is the participation in the world congress in Paris at the beginning of November in occasion of its 50th anniversary. We are increasingly involved, then, with these important international links we have established, however these require a coherence in the development of the activities which have contributed to our recognition/acknowledgement. Essential to this then is the well-known role as reference point for the free practice of cultural activity even if the price we have paid to obtain this position has been high.

The interventions planned in 95 for the cultural area of the Mediterranean will be part of both these sectors. Essential to this is the greater use of means of communication which can simplifyand reduce the transmission of knowledge, experience and know-how.

With the Council of Europe we will make the most of the opportunities we have for Italian teachers to compare experience with other European teachers, and if possible organize exchanges with groups of teachers. For all this we are counting, of course on continued collaboration with and support from the Regione Veneto .

The Computer Museum will start to be used for lessons with classes and for direct experimentation. We foresee an increase in our activity on Environmental Education: courses for teachers, lessons with schoolchildren and summer camps, because the park has now become an important reference point for a type of education which, fortunately, is becoming increasingly accepted in Italy.

We hope that the affiliated associations will benefit from the international contacts we have established. Besides the normal running and development of the two libraries we hope to create a new library dedicated to scientific culture.

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